The Truth will prevail, but only if we demand it from Congress!

9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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 9/11 Wake-up Call Campaign Demonstration


This weekend was the beginning of demonstrations

for the purpose of waking up people to the fact that

the Bush administration was involved in the planning

and orchestration of 9/11.


Myself and one other concerned local resident demonstrated

in Arlington center for two hours on September 10.  Myself

and five other concerned local residents demonstrated in

Arlington center for two hours on September 11.


On September 10, we handed out approximately 20 five page

pamphlets to both pedestrians and people driving by in their

automobiles. On September 11, we handed out approximately 80

pamphlets. These pamphlets were put out by


It is my intention to continue these demonstrations until we have

hundreds of people demonstrating for the truth to be brought out

about 9/11 and until the Bush administration is brought to justice

for their crimes.