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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11 ARTICLE 16C


Part 4: More reasons to not investigate 9-11
 BY: Karl W. B. Schwarz

January 14, 2005—The dreaded "BMB" (Bush Mythology Bubble) surely ranks right up there with the dreaded WMD, as in W's Mass Deception. An interesting comment from a former CIA employee, Michael Hasty, years ago sums up why we have people digging for the truth and some of them being eliminated such as recently happened to Gary Webb: "Whenever I hear the words "conspiracy theory" it usually means someone is getting too close to the truth."

The article is about a fourth open letter to Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General for the State of New York and William Casey, Chief Investigator for the Attorney Generals Office. In fact, the letter has been hand-delivered to Mr. Spitzer's office. In addition to that, on December 28, an associate and myself delivered an intelligence file that was delivered to a friend and then delivered to me. That file has now been delivered to Spitzer and Robert Morganthau, Manhattan District Attorney.

It is hoped that the "checks and balances" between the New York State attorney general and the Manhattan district attorney might assure that someone in New York does their job. We have been advised that Spitzer's office does not have jurisdiction over the nearly 3,000 murders that occurred at the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001, however, Mr. Morganthau's office definitely has jurisdiction over that matter. If one looks at 9-11 as part financial scam and part mass murder to effect political objectives, we might just need both offices working on this one.

As far as our group is concerned, they can sort that out amongst themselves (jurisdiction that is) and someone do their job in America for a change when it comes to justice.

The intelligence agency file is the primary reason for this Part IV and why there has been a slight delay in its release following the Part III of Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble. We wanted Spitzer and Morganthau to have it before this article appeared as additional information to support what facts are being disclosed in Parts I through VII of this series.

This intelligence file, one that has been suppressed by our government as they have suppressed all other matters relating to 9-11-2001, has names, banks, account numbers, wire transfer instructions, security codes, and more information to clearly show who was involved in a $120 billion debt due and that debt was definitely due in September of 2001. It did not get paid, and had it been paid, our information shows that a ring of robber barons would have been exposed to be misusing fake gold collateral certificates to borrow money under false pretenses (very large sums of money at that) and then never repay it. In short, had it been paid, they were caught red-handed.

That the "legitimacy" of such bogus instruments directly involves some in our government is something that we citizens of the Untied States need to address and purge them from the government once and for all, and even purge them from the markets that drive such greed based on deception and false documentation that has the appearance of legitimacy and color of law.

They are on the public payroll to serve the public, not break any law they please at a whim and line their pockets with monies that are not rightfully or legally theirs to lay claim to.

One read through the file we delivered to Spitzer and Morganthau's offices makes it clear that some folks are using "color of law" and elaborate international "nesting doll arrangements" to frustrate being discovered, and if discovered, frustrate jurisdiction, venue and forced disgorgement of their ill-gotten gains through litigation remedies. Such are white-collar criminal cabals—they just hate to have to surrender what they have stolen, once they have managed to steal it.

If you do not know what "nesting doll arrangements" are, you might want to read my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas and get an education in that area and who is doing it to this nation and you. Both Enron and Global Crossing were nesting doll arrangements just to give you a brief example of what to expect and what the end results are.

It is what those funds are being used for that are rather problematic, for it appears to be a means to take over the assets of others, like gold, mineral resources, banks and central banks of multiple nations, and, of course, oil and lots of it. In fact, it appears that such bogus gold certificates are being used in some interesting ways by certain Wall Street and Washington types to artificially prop up the U.S. economy to cover up the fraudulent numbers. Said another way, our true economic condition might be much worse than any of them are admitting and a full investigation into what is written about in this Part IV is way overdue as to exposing this gang of financial terrorists.

There has not been enough in our major media about these illegal gold certificates, of which there are reportedly over $10 trillion in circulation at this time. By any definition, $10 trillion in fraud is a massive amount of fraud. It was comforting to know that Spitzer's office is aware of such and a special team is in fact focusing on that fraud. How that fraud ties into 9-11 is something that we have followed since before 9-11.

One of the things the Fourth Estate (i.e., the major news media) has become very adept in is aiding and abetting our government in creating, promoting and maintaining the mythology that they want all of us to believe. Interpol ( Philippines ) and the Central Bank issued warnings as early as 1988 that such fake certificates were flooding into certain market sectors and skewing both real numbers and economic performance. Hmm, George H.W. Bush was president during that time and Master Bush wants to slap Top Secret on all matters regarding the past deeds and misdeeds of his family. A 10-year deal is done in 1991 based on bogus gold certificate collateral and is due in 2001. You do the math.

This article is another point-by-point "their government mythology" versus "our citizens alternate facts" that they do not want you to read, or hear, or even think about. If you want the "distraction du jour" rather than the truth, this is a free country and you have the right to be uninformed.

We have some folks actively working right now to try to take over the world and our beloved United States and turn it into the Fourth Reich, so wake up and heads up.

For example, we have all been told that "19 dastardly Arabs, mostly Saudis" trained at multiple places around the U.S. to fly the jets into WTC I and WTC II and the Pentagon. That may well be a myth and part of an intentional attempt to create obfuscation, hide trails, motives, create justifications for "new government policies," etc.

You will learn in Part VI that the "9-11 doers" probably trained in Canada (not Florida) and took advantage of technology developed in that nation that was in place in New York and in planes used in war games between the U.S. and Canada. The name of 9-11 Commission member John F. Lehman surfaces in Part VI and it also apparently surfaced in the documents we just handed over to Spitzer and Morganthau and cited herein, so if you are not paying attention yet it is time you did start paying very close attention.

One of the documents out of Germany clearly cites "per instructions of Mr. Lehmann" and easy enough to misspell. As of the date of the document in question, none of the Lehman family were involved in Lehman Brothers so that trail is not timely and points to a different Lehman. This intelligence file also has copies of FedEx packages that were sent to Alan Greenspan and Nicholas Brady by John D'Aquisto back on August 19, 1991.

Wiith subpoena powers, it would not take Spitzer or Morganthau long to get to the bottom of that matter. We will either get to that point with Mr. Spitzer or some other prosecutor who has jurisdiction over mass murders in New York City or Arlington County , Va. We hope that Mr. Spitzer is paying attention since the information also disclosed a name that sits on the New York Pension Board and that is a matter that is directly under his jurisdiction and part of why he has been such a nemesis of the Wall Street gangs that plundered all of America and foreigners, too. However, Mr. Spitzer was only interested in what had been looted from the State of New York pension funds and we can all presume that the other 49 state attorneys general have yet to "get it" that what Spitzer nailed Wall Street for they could do so as well.

In Part I and Part II you learned why I am least impressed with the vaudeville show put on by the 9-11 Commission members, eight of which were directly benefiting from Bush War and Bush Energy policy. Just in case you are wondering why they were playing Where's Waldo? on that 9-11 Commission, it is because they are directly profiting from what happened. They were not looking for the truth, for the truth could impair their bottom lines and the companies on whose boards they sit. The truth could lead to some of them being indicted themselves for misprision of treason, so looking for the truth at the 9-11 Commission was not exactly what they had in mind. Cover up and recommend stiff "anti-freedom" measures to keep American citizens in their place is more akin to what they had in mind.

For Christmas 2004, I did something quite different in that I traveled to Missouri to meet with a contact on the 9-11 matters and then proceeded to Iowa into the teeth of that nasty cold front that buried Indiana and Ohio under so much snow. We then headed to Connecticut to celebrate Christmas but also to check into some public records that fits the trails we have been following since well before 9-11.

In Iowa I had the chance to meet face to face with some people that have an interesting contract, one that clearly is theirs, is clearly not the property of Bush or Clinton or their minions and stooges, and saw plenty of evidence that other parties have engaged in some very questionable business matters, including some that may or may not have a direct bearing on why 9-11 happened.

I now have in my possession evidence, and sent it out overnight to 10 other secure sources to protect the information, that a 10-year Brady Bond deal was being worked on and closed toward in the end of 1991, or was to have matured and been due somewhere on or after September 11, 2001. If you missed it, Part III was just the prelude to what you are about to read and we now have documents to show that in all probability someone has a lot of very nasty questions to face as soon as we U.S. citizens raise enough stink to get a grand jury seated to begin investigating and handing down indictments for criminal prosecution–against Americans and specifically relating to their involvement in 9-11.

Part of the story can be found by looking into Securities and Exchange Commission v. John D'Aquisto Securities. The name of John D'Aquisto (convicted) also appears numerous times as do Merkav International and Marion Aiken (convicted), First Guilford Financial Limited, London, but domiciled in Isle of Man where "rule of business law" is somewhat laughable, along with three of its officers Steve Billand, Charles A.M. Duncan, Jeff Muller, and others related to other companies in Russia, Australia, Ireland, the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Ontario, all patterns to look for in picking up the trails of such scams. It is the "multi-jurisdiction" facet that makes these deals hard to detect, track and litigate for fraud. It is by design and intent so they can perpetrate fraud and get away with it.

One of the D'Aquisto documents was from a "Bay State Trust" based in Zurich , dated 10 September 1991, and just more of a trail that needs to be fully investigated due to the contents of that letter.

Also cited as one of the main players in this fiasco was Trans Tech International of Washington state and it apparently has ties to Israel . It was represented at that time by one Jonathan Tiede as a "dollar provider" and "account holder" for this $120 billion transaction done in four tranches of $30 billion each and apparently all backed by bogus gold certificates, and $30 billion of the transaction was done in US dollars with what is now suspected to be bogus collateral.

The names of Goldman Sachs, vice president of Goldman Sachs Bob Hammond, Security Pacific Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Marine Midland, BFZ Bank to Security Pacific Bank transfer instructions, represented by Barrelford Ltd out of Dublin, Ireland, and working in collaboration with a German bank, Hamilton & Huan of Toronto, all appear in the same sets of facts and patterns around a questionable transaction. One of the documents was even a verification letter from Goldman Sachs' Hammond to John D'Aquisto confirming his account number (027-02088-2) and instructions of what to do with 700 million Japanese Yen and conversion of that into $5 million US dollars, more or less. The Goldman Sachs account statement shows the money going in (credited) and the money going out (debited) and then subsequent correspondence from D'Aquisto demanding to know what Goldman Sachs did with his money.

The names of Robert Rubin (former Clinton Treasury secretary) and Stephen Friedman, Bush appointee as Economic Policy Advisor, also appear in the intelligence file and that same "demand letter" from D'Aquisto to Goldman Sachs.

Another leg of the transaction apparently involved Australia based Contec Development Party Ltd, a Mr. William Sommerville and the USSR province of Yakutsko , an area rich in gold ore deposits and mining. It was noteworthy that the middlemen and attorneys for this were in British Columbia and Toronto , both being very distant from the Russian province and Australia .

One of the letters and facsimiles even discloses that Ariel Life Systems, a NASA contract company, is the parent of DFG, Inc. (John D'Aquisto's company), and a City National Bank facsimile with wire transfer information for its Beverly Hills branch and San Diego branch dated September 13, 1991 about 10 years before 9-11-2001.

The following is from one of our sources, a person who spent many years working for the U.S. Treasury investigating and detecting "Trojan Horses," which are in effect very large financial transactions intended to defraud or do harm. The name of 9-11 Commission member John F. Lehman surfaced in Canada in a failed or aborted takeover bid of MDA (MacDonald, Detwiler & Associates), a defense contractor.

"I think WTC#7 was the command and control center for the New York end of the securities and life insurance scam triggered by 9/11.

"The WTC#7 tenants include IRS, SEC, CIA—probably equipped with PROMIS—and Salomon Smith Barney, the Citigroup broker in the WorldCom scam with a $2.65 billion class action suit paid out to lead plaintiff New York Common Retirement System with a trustee in the CIA group controlling MDA.

"Also surfacing in investigating Canadian companies were CAI special investor in MDA—RICHARD S. BRADDOCK—CAI NEW YORK : Former President of Citicorp (a "Tier 1" bank in CAI's sabotage of Enron shareholders). CAI's Citigroup, formed by the 1998 merger of Travelers and Citicorp, will pay a $2.65 billion settlement to investors in WorldCom (including the New York State Common Retirement Fund, the lead plaintiff advised by Braddock's CAI colleague, Graham Harrison) who had accused Citigroup of financial fraud in the largest bankruptcy in history. CAI's Citigroup financed the Chad-Cameroon pipeline and China 's Three Gorges dam as part of CAI's plan to control global oil & gas and energy markets.

"Note: CAI special investor in MDA—GRAHAM O. HARRISON - COTUIT,

MASSACHUSETTS, Former President of the U.S. Steel and Carnegie Pension Fund and member of the Advisory Committees of the New York State Common Retirement Fund (CAI will control global public services by taking global custody of the superannuation, pension and insurance funds of a nation's public servants, including its politicians, judges, police and armed forces)."

It would not take Spitzer or Morganthau, who have subpoena powers, long to get to the bottom of that matter and in Part VI there is more on this specific matter. We have suggested that Mr. Spitzer have a talk with Mr. Harrison regarding his name being tied to CAI and MDA. In Part VI you will better understand why.

Let's all go to Afghanistan post 9-11, kick the crap out of the Taliban and Bridas Corporation and take that pipeline away from them. For the record, neither the White House nor the 9-11 Commission nor any member of Congress have admitted that an Argentina based oil and gas company named Bridas Corporation had beaten US firms to the contracts with Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan and our U.S. government and Big Oil influence pimps did everything in their power to take it away from them.

Stop and ask yourself, short of 9-11 happening, what could George W. Bush have said to you to justify attacking Afghanistan that you would believe? I cannot come up with one thing, so if you do please feel free to let me know what you think Bush could have said–convincingly.

They want all of us to look at 9-11 as some Arabs using jets as "WMD bombs" to attack the United States and word has now leaked out that some of these terrorist could hardly drive a car with competence, much less fly a 767 jet airliner with precision. I submit that those two jets were not missiles, they were just as easily bullets fired by a "financial terrorist sniper" and someone was behind that gun that fired those bullets and the person or persons are not named Osama bin Laden.

Now, what Washington , DC , and the 9-11 Commission want you and me to think is that some dastardly Arabs working for Osama bin Laden planned all of this, financed it and executed it, but that is not necessarily the truth, that may be a myth. Remember, even Sun Tzu in his ancient work, The Art of War, taught that all warfare is deception and the first casualty of war is the truth. Even George W. Bush knows that and you can bet Karl Rove and Karen Hughes know the axiom well.

I keep reminding folks to back up and pay attention to what FBI Translator Sibel D. Edmonds made public and that Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft slapped a gag order on her immediately. She found—and pay close attention this time if you did not last time or this is the first time you have heard this—she found "drug trafficking, money laundering, foreign names and AMERICAN NAMES involved in the financing of 9-11."

Sibel Edmonds is not fluent in Arabic. She is fluent in Farsi ( Iran ), Turkish (her mother) and Azeri (her Azerbaijani father). What she found was not in Arabic notwithstanding the Bush and Ashcroft insistence that her "Arabic translations" regarding Osama bin Laden, attack on the U.S. , and jet airplanes, which for the record are not even germane to the translations that Sibel Edmonds did find. What Sibel Edmonds found was not from "counter-terrorism" but rather from ongoing FBI investigations into drug trafficking and money laundering by certain foreign and American persons.

Then from another source we learned that there was a transaction due to close on 9-11 or 9-12-2001 involving payment of $120 billion. That payment it seems was problematic because the payment would have been prima facie evidence of a criminal fraud in progress relating to Brady Bonds and bogus gold instruments of which there are reportedly now over $10 trillion of such instruments floating around the world markets.

The documents for that closing were reportedly housed in WTC I, and, gosh, that company took a jet airplane right in the face. Consider that, and consider that no one is that lucky.

My sources inform that Cantor Fitzgerald was the underwriter / bond trustee on the $120 billion payment that was due. It may have been another firm, but my sources say Cantor Fitzgerald, WTC 1, 101-105 floors. Also, INTER AMERICAN INVESTMENT CORPORATION is the vehicle that has been used to float the bogus gold contracts and that entity is both a Reagan administration creation and still closely tied to George H.W. Bush. It was also noted that Global Crossing Holdings Ltd., that well known telecom fraud that fleeced global investors of billions, was on the 83rd Floor of WTC 1, but that and the fact that former CEO of Global Crossing Lodwrick Cook being on the board of the GHWB Presidential Library is a separate story.

With subpoenas, it would not take Spitzer or Morganthau long to get to the bottom of that matter.

There is a group that has been placing bogus gold certificates and doing so in very large numbers, over $10 trillion, according to our source, and an independent gold trading source verifies that as well. According to them, it is JP Morgan Chase that is sitting on those "not performing at this time" bogus gold certificates, contracts, leases, etc., that were issued under the moniker of Inter-American Investment Corporation ["IIC"] and Global Alliance Investment Association [GAIA]. What they are doing is using the Peru Bonus 3392-181 mentioned below that does not belong to either IIC or GAIA to achieve this bogus and illegal end.



This Case, makes no mention of GOLDMAN SACHS etc, and those involved in the 1991 transactions that were for a "10 year term" ending on or about 9/11/01.

The account numbers, names, banks, bank officers, transaction codes involved with Mr. D'Acquistos' group, further involving NICHOLAS BRADY, Alan Greenspan and later Sec. of the U.S. Treasury Robert Rubin of GOLDMAN SACHS the "Underwriters."

The amount involved in this transaction was "non authorized use of the Gold Collateral Interest (U.S. Debt) on BONUS 3392-181.

We were only provided who was on "one side of the transaction" but getting the information on the other side—those that owed the $120 billion that blew up along with WTC 1—can be determined. Just a matter of time and subpoena powers that Eliot Spitzer and Robert Morganthau have that we do not have.

If you are talking about the BRADY BONDS these are only 1/2 underwritten by Treasury. Neither Russell nor I authorized the usage of our Collateral. Bush used his EXECUTIVE POWERS in CONFLICT OF INTEREST and ABUSE OF POWERS to get this crap done.

I believe you should be talking to GERMANY'S SCHROEDER BANKING and FRANCE'S "CHIRAC" ABOUT CREDIT LYONAISE along with THE JAPANESE BANKERS who all, without exception went down over this mess. Credit Lyonaise took a major hit—HAD A BIG FIRE, RECORDS WERE BURNED. They discovered a second set of books in their warehouse and I'll be dammed if that did not burn also.

You will find GEORGE SOROS heavily involved on the CLINTON-MARC RICH-ISRAELI side. George has always loved to brag about taking down the BANK OF ENGLAND over this mess.


The IAIC and IADB were allowed to be incorporated by RUBIN and GREENSPAN after THE CLINTON CFR entered into the agreement to bankrupt the U.S.

Treasury and U.S. Fed. R., use CHINA (reason for all those John Wang-Wong Coffee Klatches) for the movements of monies on the "counterfeit" Bonus "Certificate" 3392-181 operation.

This "oil" stuff is part of what the counterfeit instruments were allowed by CLINTON 'S CFR for. I have been told by the QUEENS BANKER IN CANADA, THE KING OF JORDAN'S BANK REP. AND OTHERS INVOLVED "Many of the Counterfeit were used to purchase OIL CREDITS.

This is the little "jewel" used by THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB (Bush Cartel and Clinton Cartel), which intended to "TAKE OVER THE WORLD" . . . which, believe it or not OPERATED OUT OF THE ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER and "members" were charged $5,000 per share. We bought $20K in shares, because "NO ONE COULD DO ANY BUSINESS INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES IF THEY WERE NOT A MEMBER"

Now you know why the WTC'S went down . . .

DISCERNING MINDS, can easily connect the "dots" between the 10 years between September 12, 1991 and the September 11, 2001 incidents.

The TRANSACTION was put down THROUGH ISRAEL. The transaction involved, Russia , China , Korea , Germany , France , Japan , and THE SAUDI'S. Ask yourself: WHICH OF THESE NATIONS ARE CURRENTLY INVOLVED "IN THIS CURRENT PENDING WAR?"



1991. Sept. 12. A transaction consisting of 120B$ GOLD was put down through TRANS TECH INTERNATIONAL at this address MOSHAV YISHI 68, ISRAEL . This Israel operation took this down through :001 & :002 (U.S. DEPT OF THE TREASURY & U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK) in 30 BILLION DOLLAR USD INCREMENTS.

A. This involved the JAPANESE YEN and DUTCH MARK

a. TRANSACTION CODE: 091291/JY/USD/30B/001 and 091291/DM/30B/002 "four of these transactions went down."

b. Provisions of the Agreement(s) (not signed or authorized by the Signatories of Bonus 3392-181) "Transactions to continue until the U.S. DOLLAR WAS EXHAUSTED." (Interpol has the Agreement, and the PAYOUT ORDERS on these transactions) (as does the U.S. Security Exchange, Washington , DC Offices), and

c. TERM OF CONTRACT 10 YEARS scheduled to pay out on or about 9/11/01.

** There was involvement, at that time with a HAMILTON & HYUN Investment Corp. (Korean) further involved with USSR GOVERNMENT LOAN FACILITY, TRANSACTION CODE - TBC: 11AM/WS/9102 further identifying;

1. Prime Minister of Yakutsko, Mr. K. Ivanov,

2. Deputy P.M. of Yakutsko, Mr. D. Popov,

3. Bank of Foreign & Economic Affairs, Moscow , Mr. E. Sadovsky,

4. Prodintor for Yakutsko (Buying Arm), Mr. Ermilin.



and 09/1291/JPY/USD/30B/001

and 09/1291/JPY/USD/30B/001 and


to which the pay order identifies the following accounts:
THE SECOND PARTY (ref: pg. 1)
Name: Trans Tech International
Address: Moshav Yishi 68, Israel
Represented by: Jonathan Tiede

BONUS BANKING (ref. pg. 3):
Bank Name: Security Pacific Bank
Address: 26929 102 NW
Stanwood , WA 98292
Routing ABA : 125000037
Account No. 1530113241
Bank Officer: Don Swanson
Phone No. (206)629-2141


Bank Name: Chase Manhattan Bank, NYC, New York
Address: Main Office
Account Name: DFG, Inc-Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club, Inc.
(** DFG, Inc-Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club, Inc, associated through NEAL BUSH, NSA, NASA & HUD - JACK KEMP, NICHOLAS BRADY, ALAN GREENSPAN, ARIEL LIFE SYSTEMS affiliated with NASA.)

Routing ABA : 0210-0021 F/A GOLDMAN SACHS A/C 930-1-011-/183,
Account No. FCC TO DFT, INC. A/C 027-020882039
Federal Tax Id: 33-0457266
Transaction Code: 09/1291/DM/USD/30B/002


Address: 55 Water Street
New York , NY

c/o Shearson Lehman Brothers
Account No: 02100128 for the account number 066027209

Further credit to Daryl Pennington & Assoc.
Account No. 673155413201
Federal Tax ID:S 88-02443380
Corp. ID No. 1707-85
Bank Name: Boatman's National Bank of Belleville, IL
Address: 23 Public Square
Belleville, Illinois
Routing ABA: 081001413
Account No. 011503029697-0407 Russell Herman & V.K. Durham as individuals

***Note No. 1. All four transactions went down through the same Banks & Brokerage Houses facilitated by the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury (001) and the U.S. Federal Bank (002)."

It would not take long for Spitzer or Morganthau to get to the bottom of that matter.

As our facts came together, I made calls to Eliot Spitzer's office, the office of the Manhattan District Attorney and the Prosecuting Attorney of Arlington County, Virginia, to inquire as to who in each of those offices was investigating the crimes committed on September 11, 2001. The response of all three of those offices can be summed up thusly: "We are not investigating 9-11, the feds are."

Yeah, right! With feds not investigating themselves and their wealthy elite contributors, that means no one is investigating 9-11, except citizens of this nation that do not buy off on the lies of Washington, DC, any more, and DC has no one to blame for that but themselves and their demonstrated "difficulty with the truth" in our nation's capital.

The U.S. government has their mythology and I have just presented you facts that are on the table, they are undisputed and they are unanswered. They were not looked into by the 9-11 Commission, for that would have meant looking into the conduct of some of the 9-11 commissioners first and they have a lot riding on this New World Order and the Global War on Terrorism fable of George W. Bush. See Part I and Part II of this series on Online Journal if you missed those. These matters have not been looked into because someone is in very deep trouble if the above technology out of Canada, the above $120 billion that was apparently due, were motives for all of that took "intent, aforethought, planning and premeditation to commit genocide, mass murder" and even treason against the United States—meaning against each and every one of us.

I do not have subpoena powers, but Eliot Spitzer and Robert Morganthau do and some, if not all of the above facts and sets of circumstances warrant being looked into. Either Spitzer or Morganthau are welcome to everything we have on 9-11 matters and the RICO investigations that led to the facts that are presented in my book.

The US government has put their mythology on the table and apparently many (89 percent in a CNN poll) are not buying it. The foregoing may or may not be true, who knows? It has yet to be investigated as to how the trails all started converging on 9-11 and New York City without having to guide them that way might be very telling.

Please sign the petition if you too demand the truth and justice regarding September 11, 2001. There is much truth to be found and we have a national capital that is filled with people that have an aversion to the truth. It is time that we as American citizens get to the bottom of what they fear so much and why they fear the truth.

It is time for all Americans to wake up.

Karl W. B. Schwarz lives in Little Rock , AR and is the author of "One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out." He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC and I-nets Security Systems, a designer of intelligence and communications UAV systems. You can email him here.

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