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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11 ARTICLE 16D

Special Report

Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble

Part 5: Exploding the myth of the Bushes as an all-American family

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

Online Journal Contributing Writer

February 2, 2005—The Bushes are many things, but an All-American family they are not. There is

something fundamentally wrong with these people and it goes past elitism and just basic snobbery. They

might have "Oil on the Brain" to the point they are not even very human any more and we already know

they are not humane at all.

They like to market "points of light" while they are lying to us and out snuffing out points of light all over

the globe, especially those that could expose the sleaze that the family has come to represent. Now that

Bush cannot find any WMD he likes to point to the "mass graves" without elaborating that about three of

every five of those 500,000 dead Iraqis got into those mass graves when George H.W. Bush urged the

Shiites and Kurds to rise up in 1991-1992 against Saddam and Bush 41 stood idly by while 300,000 or so

of the 500,000 "excuse graves" were being filled, and now George W. points to them as a good reason for

the invasion of Iraq.

Back during the Reagan Administration, Neocons Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, George Shultz, Bechtel and

others dreamed up a scheme to take over the Iraqi oil and install the Aqaba Pipeline. That matter lay

dormant until April 11, 2003, when New York Times columnist Bob Herbert contacted Jock Covey,

director of external communications (a euphemism and high-sounding title for "spin doctor") at Bechtel. A

recent piece written by me addressed that Aqaba Pipeline and the fax Covey sent to Shultz to spin the

response to Bob Herbert and the article he was writing and that appeared in print on April 14, 2003.

Mr. Covey’s name comes up again in the next Part VI article, as does 9-11 Commission member John F.

Lehman—so please pay attention.

We have been told by the Bush administration that American Airline Flight 77 was flown into the

Pentagon by a "crack pilot" who was a marginal car driver. Hmm, I did not buy that story for even a

second. That the Pentagon fire was so hot it vaporized most of a 60-ton airplane including cobalt jet

engine parts that would not evaporate in the temperatures of a normal building fire, but they got enough

human DNA to prove who was on the flight. Hmm, if it were hot enough to melt a plane including a cobalt

heat resistant jet engine, human DNA recovery would have been impossible so I don’t buy that fable


So, how do we prove that the "Official Bush Story" is actually the "Official Bush Lie?"

That has not been easy and we have had many working on this night and day for three years to get to the

bottom of the matter.

After the Pentagon attack, the video cameras and tapes at a nearby CITGO, the Sheraton Hotel along I-

395 and Virginia DOT cameras were all confiscated by the FBI and they have yet to disclose any of the

contents that were recorded by those cameras. Those cameras would have recorded what came in to hit

the Pentagon and if viewed by the public, all the world would know that it was not a Boeing 757, American

Airlines Flight 77, as we were told. All the world would know that Bush’s assertion is in fact a huge lie.

They cannot disclose those tapes without indicting themselves that it was the U.S. government and select

"private sector outsourcing" that did the alleged terrorist attacks of 9-11. In short, our government would

have to admit that it is al Qaeda and that this GWOT (Global War on Terror) is fabrication made up to

provide excuses for a despicable U.S. energy and war policy.

The post-attack cleanup at the Pentagon shed some light on the fact that it was not a 757, but exactly

what the part recovered was has not been easy to find or locate.

It is not a "turbofan" component, it is in fact a "turbojet" component from an US Air Force/Navy vintage

type of jet engine technology that was used on just a limited number of fighters, bombers and

reconnaissance planes.

There was one credible witness found that saw "a two-engine jet airplane, the engines were under the

wings." That is a visual description of a 737, 757, or 767, but it is also a description of an A-3 Skywarrior.

By their own admission and website advertising propaganda, Praxair Surface Technologies is the only

company FAA certified to work and rehabilitate worn out or corroded components of the Pratt & Whitney

JT8D turbojet engine in question.

"Your reliable source for Turbine Engine Fan Blade repairs is now providing total overhaul capability of

JT8D Fan Hub Assembly repairs. Praxair is the only approved source to overhaul both blades and hub


For those of you that do not pay attention to such things, 9-11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick sits

on the board of directors of United Technologies and Pratt & Whitney is now owned by United

Technologies. Former Bush EPA secretary Christine Todd Whitman also sits on the United Technologies

board, and that is a company that is raking in big bucks due to Bush War Policy.

The front fan hub and compressor assembly of the Allison J33, J71 (now owned by Rolls Royce), and the

Pratt & Whitney J57 and Pratt & Whitney JT8D as shown above are all fairly similar but they also have

something else in common. There was just one conflict of interest on top of another on that 9-11

Omission Commission.

The bent out of shape piece shown on the FEMA photos is the front shaft bearing housing. What you are

seeing above is a "balance test assembly," since jet engines do spin fast and have to be very accurately

balanced. Jet engines do in fact have a "center shaft" and it must be balanced and it must have bearing

seals front and back. The FEMA photo shows such a front seal and a rotor hub missing its fan blades.

The key is the cleats on the outer perimeter that the fan blades attach to and these particular blades are

easy to knock off in a collision such as that at the Pentagon.

The roll of masking tape in the background will give you an idea of scale, and then compare to the A-3

photos and the much larger fan needed for the 757 type of high bypass jet engine. In short, the Pentagon

part is not from a 757, period.

Some of the team kept digging and they finally found what might be the actual type of part that was at the

Pentagon. The part that is visible in the left of this photo could well be the exact part, and I can assure all

that what you are looking at is not the front fan of a 757 jet engine. That is a 737 type of "turbojet" power

plant and might well be in the "modified A-3 Skywarriors." I bet that jet mechanic from Evergreen Air (a

known CIA affiliated company) can tell us where that fan blade comes from and do so in front of a Spitzer

or Morganthau grand jury.

There is the "mystery part" and no, it is not part of a 757 jet engine and never has been. Oops!

They are all jet engine components (past and present) on the A-3 Skywarrior twin-turbojet airplane and on

older versions of the 737. The USAF only has a few of the A-3s left in operation and what was formerly

Hughes Aircraft, now Raytheon, has a fleet of them at Van Nuys, Calif. This type of turbojet engine has

never been used on a Boeing 757, so the debate on "type of plane" can end there. This is a jet engine

component with fan, not an auxiliary power unit (APU) as some have speculated or dropped into the

conversation as disinformation.

What has been interesting is the level of "content blocking" that there is on the Internet where specific

information regarding certain "jet engine components" such as those shown at the Pentagon have

definitely been blocked. Our team had to take steps to go around the content blocks to get at the photos

you are seeing regarding these rotor hub components.

That part has a specific UPN (Universal Part Number) and it cannot be found by looking for that UPN.

Other measures were needed to find what you are seeing in these photos to circumvent what is

apparently intentional content blocking. Someone has gone to considerable lengths to make sure that the

actual components that were found at the Pentagon could not be found and it took my team over two

years to hammer through such blocks to find three of these photos (Praxair and Evergreen) to verify the


Yes, Hughes aircraft had a fleet of them and was bought out by Raytheon. Hmm, that company is doing

well for two reasons that I know of due to Bush war policy and even the move from Mode 4 to Mode 5

technology since the PRC got its hands on our top secret Mode 4 technology with that little Hainan Island

incident and our Navy EP-3 that was forced down in April of 2001. As of Sept. 11, 2001, most air traffic

controllers and National Air Guard units were not upgraded after the PRC got their hands on some of our

most sensitive military technology.

Just stop and consider, if we can attack other nations with impunity and at will, we can attack ourselves

too and cloak it from commercial operations just like we do in other nations.

The above photo is a launch of an AIM-54 Phoenix Missile, air-to-air missile. Making this launch an air-tosurface

missile would not be a great feat and Hughes/Raytheon manufactures several such missiles that

would blow a 16-foot diameter hole in the Pentagon with ease.

Type: AGM-65B (Air Force), AGM-65D (Air Force), AGM-65E (Marines), AGM-65F (Navy), AGM-65G (Air


Contractors: Hughes Aircraft Co., Raytheon Co.

Propulsion: Thiokol TX-481 solid-propellant rocket motor (hint – burns white and leaves a white smoke

trail at all altitudes and jet engines do not do that)

Service: Air Force, Marines, Navy

First Flight: 1984

IOC: 1994

This type of air-to-ground missile (AGM) is what is used to hit buildings and blow big holes in them, like

the 16-foot diameter hole in the Pentagon. Note that 737s and 757 do not come equipped with such fire

control systems or the mounting pods for the missiles, however, the A-3 Skywarrior is built to support the

firing of such systems. The photo below of a modified A-3 landing clearly shows the missile-launching

platform under the wing.

As you can tell from the above photo the A-3 Skywarrior is already configured for the AIM and AGM

missiles and another hint is the change from the older nose design to the F16 nose design which includes

"fire control systems" and a few other high tech devices.

Also note that jet engine fuel burning does not leave a white trail at sea level, only at higher and much

colder altitudes. However, AGM type missiles burn solid rocket fuel and it leaves a white trail at all


If you have seen the Pentagon photos that have been released regarding the jet engine part inside the

Pentagon, the following is also a photo that is not part of a 757 engine that we have found, even in

physically inspecting one inside a jet engine maintenance shop.

This following part is also not a 757 component; it is a component from the types of "dual chamber"

turbojets represented by the Allison J33, J71, Pratt & Whitney J57 and JT8D.

They are called in the jet industry a "diffuser case" and the UPN content numbers on this particular item

have been blocked and otherwise scrubbed on the Internet.

However, the following is the diffuser case design for the 757 jet engines and it is quite different from that

shown at the Pentagon. That is due to the difference between "dual-chamber turbojet" versus the newer

"high bypass jet fan" designs found on the 757 and 767 jet airplanes.


Note the triangular bezels around the openings and then note that the Pentagon diffuser case has no

such openings or reinforcing points. The diffuser is built into a much larger component and not a separate

component in the newer 757 type jet engines. This is a very large component within the 757 type of jet

engine and there are two of them on every 757. Note, not a single one of these was found at the

Pentagon and this is not a component that would have melted or evaporated in any manner at all.

Another component was found at the Pentagon in the form of a wheel hub. It did not take much to confirm

that the particular wheel shown below is the type made by B.F. Goodrich in their aerospace division. They

also made the wheels for the 757 but a simple proportional check of width versus diameter will easily

show that the below photo is not of a wheel hub from a 757, which has a much larger radius than width.

This radius being about the same as the width of the wheel hub is also another clue that the 757 story is a

Bush Lie.

In fact, if one looks very closely at the diameter versus width of the tire that was found at the Pentagon,

this is the type of tire used for carrier based and general rear wheels of smaller military planes, not

commercial airliners. This is the type of wheel hub one would expect to find as one of the two rear wheels

on an A-3 refitted with current equipment rather than equipment that is no longer being manufactured.

The information in this article has been hand-delivered to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

This entire "American soldiers blood for oil" formula the Bush Family has stuck in their heads is about the

lowest thing I have ever seen. Most Americans notice that they care not a bit, a common characteristic for

nitwits, about the death and maiming of our soldiers or how many bogus enemies they are killing in the

process. All they think about is oil and money, influence pimping and looking good for the cameras, while

behind the scenes is a draconian and Machiavellian attitude towards all Americans that do not fit the

Bush Family standards of wealth and elitism.

Ever wonder why this family seems to think sending people to die is just "another day at the office?" I

wondered about that too and as I assembled One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas the answer became

plenty clear to see. If one is a wealthy snob like them, it just doesn’t matter if a person comes home

dead, or alive, or maimed just as long as the big bucks keep flowing to the Bush Family and the Bush

Cabal members (i.e. their wealthy elite friends).

Didn’t you get the memo? This is all about the greater glory of the Bush Family and Big Oil and Big

Military. They are better than other Americans. Don’t believe me; just ask them. They and their friends

think they can attack this nation and walk off scot-free and richer due to all of the chaos and plunder they

created for Big Oil, Big Defense and Homeland Security expenditures that are mostly for their friends, not

for you or me.

They do not see anything wrong at all with being so arrogant or despicable that they use military force

when they and their commercially abusive "Financial Terrorist" friends cannot get certain foreign nations

to do business with them. It does not seem to occur to them that "good US policy" might go a long way

towards other nations wanting to do business with the U.S. and the "friends" they send over there to do

such deals.

There is a big difference in an "insurgent enemy" and someone shooting at us because the Bush Family

and their friends are thieves. If this were the 1800s, the Bush Family would be lynched and strung up in

"hang ‘em high" fashion for "rustling" what belongs to others.

Please sign the petition if you too demand the truth and justice regarding September

11, 2001. There is much truth to be found and we have a national capital that is filled with people that

have an aversion to the truth. It is time that we as American citizens get to the bottom of what they fear so

much and why they fear the truth. Also, sign the Sibel Edmonds petition, so that we can all know what

names surfaced in what she translated at the FBI.

It is time for all Americans to wake up. Both of those petitions should have millions of signatures but

Americans are asleep at the switch, wheel, TV, whatever.

It is time for the truth to be on the table for all to see. You can trust that you will not like the truth when you

finally see them for what they are.

I do not buy their mythology because they are flat out lying to all of us. You can suffer that in silence or do

something about it.

Karl W. B. Schwarz lives in Little Rock, AR and is the author of "One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a

Conservative Republican Speaks Out". He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Patmos

Nanotechnologies, LLC and I-nets Security Systems, a designer of intelligence and communications UAV

systems. You can email him here.

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