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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11: The Great Illusion

By George Humphrey









"We are now at a pivotal point. Our situation is comparable to that of Nazi Germany in 1939, when the German people allowed Adolf Hitler to persuade them that it was in their best interest to begin attacking other nations. This is the simple truth beneath all the propaganda, justifications, rationalizations and excuses. As always, we must choose whether we are going to be governed by fear or by love. And the moral of the story is that those who fail to learn the lessons which history teaches are doomed to repeat them." Allisone Heartsong, Mt Shasta, Ca. ‑ Letter to the Sacramento Bee, Oct. 12, 2002


In the days, weeks and months since 9/ 11 our nation has changed. We have been saturated by 24/7 fear based, biased, inaccurate, racist and hateful broadcasting. Literally, there are a couple of announcers on MSNBC, who appear to be close to frothing at the mouth, as they spew their contorted messages. In this period of time there have not been one or two manipulated Hegelian events ‑ there have been dozens. Following are just a few of the happenings and incidents that deserve attention:

1. In the weeks after 9/11, anonymous letters and packages were sent to several unsuspecting people filled with the deadly anthrax powder. Senator Tom Daschle's office was the most publicized location to receive this deadly surprise. Six people from around the country were killed by this insane scheme. Of course, the corporate media at first blamed al‑Qaeda and then the `experts' from the CFR, scratched their chins, and shifted the focus to Saddam Hussein ‑ the word was now out ‑ "We have tc stop Iraq ." Later on, when scientific analysis was mad( showing that this particular strain was a technologicallN superior anthrax, that was ten times finer in micron sizc than the finest known grade of Soviet anthrax, with ar additive that was only made at an American weapon laboratory, the talking heads suddenly dropped the issu, like a hot potato.

The sales of Cipro, an expensive designer antibiotic went through the roof, making the parent company hundreds of millions. Later, it was learned that President Bush and his inner circle had all been put on Cipro a month before 9/11...

As a sad postscript ‑ eighteen prominent biologists and virologists from around the world, who may have had knowledge about the origins of this type of anthrax, have all mysteriously died between September 15, 2001 an( November 20, 2002.

2. On November 12th, 2001, American Airliner Flight 587 a 300‑Airbus, took off from Kennedy Internationa Airport on its way to the Dominican Republic . Minute after take‑off, the plane lost its rear wings, dropped i engines and crashed into Rockaway, NY. The 'official explanation given was the plane hit the `backwash' of th plane ahead of it, which created so much turbulence th plane broke apart. The results from this 'accident' wen 260 innocent people were killed, and the American pub lie was further traumatized.

The problem with this story is that even according to the FAA, Flight 587 was more than 3

1 /2 minutes behind the t preceding flight. This distance, and time buffer, is well within the safety guidelines of the FAA. Think about it, everyday for the last forty years, thousands of airliners have flown these, or closer distances to each other, and never before has, such an accident happened. Planes don't just break apart in the middle of the air. It is also interesting that no full investigation of this horrible accident was made . . . What is going on here?


3. There was no move to initiate an official Congressional investigation of the most significant terrorist attack in the history of our nation until November of 2002 ‑ fourteen months after the attack! Then Bush had the audacity to name Henry Kissinger, who will be seen as one of the most tarnished and corrupt characters in the history of our nation, as heading this inspection. Weeks later, Kissinger resigned because he would not disclose his client list. The Illuminati are so overconfident that they are intentionally rubbing the noses of American citizens with this arrogant insult called an `investigation.' This is a total outrage!

Sadly, a vast majority of both Democratic and Republican Congressmen and Senators have not even called for an honest inquiry ‑did not care, or were bulked into doing along ‑ and have openly supported this cover‑up. Perhaps, this is one of the most pertinent indications of how far, and how fast, the integrity of our representative governmental system has fallen.

Fortunately, there were a few exceptions to this rule. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas , spoke articulately and courageously for the truth. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from Georgia , also asked for an investigation, and for her efforts was instantly branded by the media, and some within her own party, as almost a `traitor.' Her opponents collected more than $1 million (much of it came from out of state) to defeat her in her bid for re‑election. Another voice of reason was Senator Paul Wellstone, who went against the 'politically correct' posturing and asked that there be an official examination of 9/ 11. On October 25, 2002, weeks before his tightly contested election, Senator Wellstone's private Beech King aircraft went down in Northern Minnesota , killing the Senator, his family, campaign workers, and the pilots. No cause of accident has been released. In the following weeks the Republican candidate who fully supported The Patriot Act, The Homeland Security Bill and the invasion of Iraq , was elected and shifting the balance of power in the Senate to the Republicans

To these voices of reason, and a handful of other elected representatives who had the guts to speak the truth, we need to say a prayer of thanks.


4. The first procedure at a scene of a crime is to protect and investigate the evidence, however . . . remember what happened at Oklahoma City . According to General Ben Partin and other investigators of the Alfred Murnah building, the evidence had been blown up, hauled away and buried before detectives could make an investigation. The company that did all this was ‑ The Controlled Demolition Co. It just so happens, The Controlled Demolition Co. was hired within a short period of time, to clear away and sell the rubble of the WTC (at a very profitable rate). The Controlled Demolition Co. did their job well and also kept everyone away from examining, or even photographing, the evidence.

The oldest, largest and most prestigious fireman's magazine in the country, is Firefighters Magazine. Its editor, Bill Manning was very critical about the lack of investigation and the removal of evidence; he said it was a "half‑baked farce."

5. The FBI, CIA, NSA and administration all deny they had prior knowledge that such an attack would occur, yet the evidence that has surfaced since 9/ 11 shows:

a.   Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said in a December 2001 interview, "We expected something was going to happen and informed the Americans. We told them. "

b.   Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco , author Salmon Rushdie and Attorney General John Ashcroft, have all made public statements that they were warned not to fly on commercial planes at this time.

c. German police and Israeli intelligence both warned of the coming attacks against the WTC and Pentagon

  d.    FBI agent Robert Wright held a press conference in May of 2002; he said he had been threatened with national security violations if he shared with the public the FBI's previous information.

  e. The managers of the flight school in Minnesota where suspected hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui was taking flight lessons called the FBI several times to warn them. Regional FBI agents wanted to do a full investigation but were stopped by central headquarters.

  f. A $7 billion legal suit has been brought against Bush and other governmental administrators by 400 families who lost relatives on 9/ 11 /2001. The suit is claiming that Bush and others allowed this terrorist act to occur. Their attorney, Stanley Hilton, is pointing out that Mohammed Atta and two other hijackers were given training at the Pensacola Naval Flight Station.

g. It is reported that employees of Odigo, an instant messaging company, did not show up for work on 9/ 11 at the WTC. Odigo's headquarters, which are in Tel Aviv, Israel , just happen to be next to the Department of Counter Terrorism . . . and on and on

6. At first, we were told that there could be up to 50,000 casualties and, thank God, that number ended up being much lower. Here is some factual information we should consider:

a.         MSNBC reported that many of the schools and businesses around the WTC were half empty that day; the VVTC North Tower was hit in an area where there were the fewest number of occupied offices.

b. Flights 11, 176, 93 and 77 had combined seating for more than 1328 passengers, while on that day there were 266 passengers, which is a 20.03% occupancy normal occupancy for trans‑continental flights averages over 75% ‑ American and United Airlines have been very tight‑lipped about giving out information.

c. Flight 77 (or the drone), zeroed in on an area of the Pentagon that was being renovated, which was known to have the fewest number of people; this was also the exact opposite side from Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld's office.

The American public has been told that these hijackers were emotionally unstable members of the Islamic Jihad, and were out to attack the `Great Satan.' If this is true, would they not try and do the maximum damage, or is this information just unusual coincidence?


7. It has been learned that, on August 15th, 2001, many of the leaders of the Taliban were in Houston, negotiating with the Unocal Corporation for rights to build a gas pipeline from the oil and gas fields east of the Caspian Sea, through Afghanistan, and out to the Arabian Ocean (Unocal is closely connected with the Halliburton Corporation, which was formerly managed by Vice President Cheney). These oil and gas fields are considered to have some of the largest reserves in the world. It is interesting to note, that after the Taliban turned down Unocal:

a.   President Bush signed a Presidential Directive, prior

      to 9/ 11, to organize the attack of Afghanistan .

b.   The new president of Afghanistan , Hamid Karzai, is a former employee of Unocal.

c.   The first piece of new business for the leaders of the Northern Alliance was an agreement for Unocal and Halliburton to build the pipeline.


8. Our Air Force sent out thousands of planes to shoot high‑tech missiles into Afghanistan 's few existing office buildings, warehouses, stores, schools, hospitals and homes. We sent thousands of troops over and invaded their country, destroyed their ragtag military forces and overthrew their government. This is what I would call an act of war ‑maybe you would, too. There was a vote by Congress to allow the President to proceed ‑ yet, Congress never declared War, as is prescribed very articulately in our Constitution. Either, we follow the rules of the Constitution ‑ or, we don't have one!


9. Oh, by the way ‑ not one of the hijackers was from Afghanistan ‑ bin Laden said that he didn't do it ‑ and, the Taliban said that they would hand bin Laden over if the US could give them any proof that he was involved (just for the record).


10. American Special Forces directed and supported the Northern Alliance in defeating the Taliban forces ‑ it was really not much of a battle. It was the Americans with 21 st century `star wars' weapons vs. a bunch of goat herders with 19th and 20th century rifles. One of the American military's favorite tactics in this `duck shoot' was to drop incendiary bombs from planes that would fly in at altitudes far higher than the range of the pathetic `pop gun' artillery pieces the Taliban possessed. These bombs would spray a petroleum substance over an area about the size of a football field. As this substance was floating down to the ground it would be ignited, creating both an unusually severe thermal combustion, and also, it would suck all of the air out of the area ‑ no living being could escape this holocaust.

After one of these `confrontations' in northern Afghanistan , approximately 2000 dazed Taliban were taken prisoners. The Northern Alliance `victors' crammed the prisoners into railroad boxcars which were left to bake in the hot sun ‑ and gave them no food or water. After several days, those who were still alive, many of them mere boys, were taken out of the cars, shot in the head and buried in shallow graves. Can't you feel the low,


11. Speak about feeling the love. On 9/ 11, 2998 people were killed in New York , Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. It was called the "Worst terrorist act in history." The pain and suffering to the families operation Infinite Justice and to the people around the world in general cannot be described. Many people say, and believe, our nation to be a `cut above' the rest because many profess to believe in the teachings of Jesus. Yet, according to Professor Marc Herold of the University of New Hampshire ‑between Oct. 7th and Dec. 7th of 2001 ‑ our special forces killed a minimum of 3,800 innocent Afghan tribal people, mostly old men, women and children. Professor Herold says that number is only what was reported by the major media, the real numbers of slaughtered, non‑combatants was probably closer to 5,000, and papers in India reported that there were more than 20,000 killed. All of this was done in the name of the people of the United States , under the euphemism, `Operation Infinite Justice.' There has been very little response, or even discussion, by the clergy, media or population in general about this mas sacre ‑ I wonder what Jesus would say about `Operation Infinite Justice'?


12. The following could be considered funny, if it were not so distressing. On the morning of 9 / 11, President Bush was at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School , in Sarasota , Florida . Before going into the classroom for a photo‑op, he was told by White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, that Flight 11 had just crashed into the North Tower . Undeterred, and with a stiff upper lip, Bush proceeded with his schedule and went into the classroom for photos with the kids who were going to read him a story about a pet goat. During the pet goat story, Andrew Card came in and told the President that a second airliner had just slammed into the WTC South Tower .

‑ Bush then responded with the clear thinking and determination of a true leader ‑ he stayed in the classroom listening to t he pet goat story for another 26 minutes

After leaving the classroom, it took him another 29 minutes before he put the military on `High Alert', and it was during this period of time that the Pentagon was hit. From there, instead of returning to Washington , as Commander and Chief, to huddle with his military advisors and to reassure the American people, he flew over to Louisiana and then up to the Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska . He did not arrive back in Washington until 7pm ‑ ten hours after he had been told about the second flight that crashed into the WTC. That pet goat story must have been mesmerizing!


13. When I originally got into politics, one of the first axioms I learned when trying to figure out what was going on, was,

"Follow the money." It must be pointed out that the Bush family is deeply involved with the Carlyle Group, one of the nation's largest defense contractors. The Carlyle Group is a multi‑national octopus that is generating mega bucks from `The War On Terrorism.' Another one of the `knights in shining armor' that is profiting big time from the Carlyle Group and this hysteria, is Khalid bin Mahfouz ‑ brother‑in‑law of Osama. Brother Cheney, as already mentioned, has his forgers deep in the pie, and when you look at the list of personalities that are supposedly serving our nation in positions of leadership that appear to be `making a killing' ‑ out of the killing ‑ it really is quite sad.

14. The WTC land lease was sold to a Mr. Silverstein for $100 million down, just a short time previous to the attack. He put a very large insurance premium on the complex even though the buildings were experiencing higher than normal vacancies and had significant asbestos problems. This `son of a gun' is now trying to get double the amount on his original insurance coverage ‑ $7.1 billion ‑ not a bad return.

And again, speaking about following the money . . . it was said several times in the first weeks after 9/11, that there were large ‑ and I mean large ‑ international deposits of gold bullion that were deposited in the huge vault in the basement. Gold is a heavy element, and though it could melt, it would not be pulverized. It has also been said, that there were large digital deposits credited to the bank within the WTC. Where, oh where, did this money go? Nobody, but nobody seems to be talking! Can you say, "Bank robbery . . . "?

15. George Orwell in his classic book, 1984, created a story that seemed so `far out' just years ago. Today, Orwell's description of a society gone mad with double‑speak and tyranny does not seem so foreign. The Patriot Act is thousands of pages (hmm, I wonder if this could have been prepared before 9/ 11?) and strips our Constitution down to its shell. It allows the police to enter your home, take your possessions and to arrest you without a warrant, further, it allows trials without juries. The administration says that this is only for `terrorists,' however, the definition of what a `terrorist' is, is undefined, and at the discretion of the administration. The Office of Homeland Security is right out of Adolf Hitler's manual and its enthusiastic leader, Mr. Tom Ridge, seems intent on exercising his almost unlimited power. Whole books can be, and are being written, on this unconstitutional, blatant and immoral grab for power. These two quotes by our president are very indicative of what is happening:

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, so long as I'm the dictator." George W. Bush, Dec.,  CNN

"This new law that 1 signed today will allow surveillance

Call communications used by terrorists, including e‑mail, the ;: iternet and cell phones."

 President George W. Bush

16. Since 9/11, appropriations for military spending is up more than $60 billion and appropriations for the alphabet agencies is up a minimum of $6 billion ‑ probably much more. During this same period of time, the deficit on our trade balance has increased by more than $40 billion, and the so called `surplus' they said we had on our annual operating budget has again turned into a major. big time deficit. Somebody ‑ that means you and me ‑ is going to have to pay for this with more taxes or more inflation ‑ this is a simple fact that the `CFR boys' don't talk much about ‑ maybe it is because they own the banks that are making the profits from these loans?


17. Osama bin Laden ‑ remember that turbaned fellow? For six months you would see his face full time on almost every channel, and then we invaded Afghanistan and Mr. bin Laden suddenly disappeared. In November of 2001 through January of 2002 MSNBC, The New Yorker and The 7tmes all ran articles that said Pakistan 's secret police (ISI), which are directly controlled by the CIA, airlifted several thousand members of al‑gaeda, and perhaps Osama, out of Afghanistan to safety. If this is true, it is one more major act of treason.

It is worthy to look at the similarities of 9/ 11 and what happened during the Gulf War in 1991. For almost one year in 1991, we heard nothing except how despotic Saddam Hussein was. Our nation then spent close to $100 billion dollars, invaded Iraq , smashed his army, destroyed the infrastructure of that nation and killed over 100,000 Iraqis. Bush Sr. then told our military to leave Saddam alone. What is this? What the Power Elite did not tell you is that Saddam Hussein, like Osama bin Laden, was a CIA asset and that they needed him as a Trojan horse. Mark my words ‑ if Osama is still alive, he will be back in the news in the not too distant future ‑ when they need him.


18. Speaking of Iraq : Bush, Cheney and the rest of the military industrial establishment, have been using every tactic they can to gain support for an attack on Iraq . Their story is that Saddam has built up a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, together with creating a secret long‑range missile program. The problem with this story is that in 1991 we blew away their military, destroyed their infrastructure and since that period of time we have had an embargo and inspectors in their country. An appalling side bar to this story is, according to the UN, over 500,000 Iraqi children have died of starvation and lack of medical supplies since the embargo has been in effect. (To be conservative, let's say that the true numbers were wildly inflated by 500% ‑ that still means that over 100,000 children have died. Saddam is a tyrant, just like all the leaders of nations in the Middle East are, and I'm not wild about Iraq , but I do know they love their children and families just as we do). Saddam has said over and over that their country is open to inspection and according to the top UN inspector, Scott Ritter, an American Marine and a Bush Republican to boot ‑ Iraq has none of these weapons.


19. Oh, a lot of this information is really . . . sad, and depressing, so, on this last point we'll give you something that should make you smile ‑ a wry smile.

a.   The FBI has said, that they had no prior information, but within days of the attack they had the names and pictures of 19 hijackers; Sherlock Holmes on steroids couldn't have come close to this feat (oh, by the way again: several of the names on that list have shown up alive in Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia).

b.   The FBI said they found Mohamed Atta's bag, which supposedly did not make it on the plane ‑ what incredibly good fortune for the perpetrators, oops, I meant, `investigators.' In this travel bag was all sorts of information ‑the only question is, why would a hijacker who was intent on committing suicide, pack a travel bag and load it full of incriminating evidence?

c.  Last but not least, days after 9/ 11 ‑ the NY Police Chief says they found the passport of one of the hijackers ‑ amazing! They would have us believe that a paper passport jumped out of his coat, morphed through the plane, passed through the fireball and wafted down to the city streets, to be `discovered,' unharmed. Who writes this stuff?