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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004

Video: Iraq, 911, PNAC, Where do all the Roads Lead?

If they could lie about the War in Iraq and the Media would promote it and then help cover it up. Then these SAME people could be lying about 911 with the media covering it up as they cover up all things related to Israel.

We KNOW they lied about Iraq and we KNOW who made the fabrications. We KNOW what country they have dual citizenship with and which same country has been caught spying on the US (though unreported by the MSM) twice both before and after 911. We KNOW the Mossad lived next door to said hijackers and was caught filming and celebrating the WTC attacks. Connect the dots. 911, Iraq, and PNAC Where do all the Roads lead? No not the nwo/illuminati/pope/lizards it leads to ISRAEL. and ISAREL is going to start WWIII and attack Iran, Syria and Lebanon. If we don't do something.

You know WHAT happened on 911

Now learn WHO did it and how. And it is the same people who are behind the Iraq War and the coming attack on Iran.

This is a video we have needed for a long time. Since the BBC totally ignored this theory and chose to focus on Loose Change which claims a missile hit the pentagon and omits everything to do with Israel including the origins of PNAC, the movers, the spy rings etc.

This 4 part series will cover the mother of all scandals.
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here is the orginial "all roads" file

Here is the Mp3 file on the Libby trial
Here is the mp3 file on Marc Rich
Here is background on Russia
Here is the Litvineko paper
Here is where Paul Craige Roberts agrees with me about Israel.
The whole Roberts interview is here

Think about this. If Iran was caught spying on the US (three times) would the Media ignore that? If Iran was living next door to the said hijacker or if men from Iranian intelligence were caught filming 911 like the Israelis, would the Media ignore that? As it is the Media fabricates things about Iran and ignores the real crimes of Israel.

More of this film will be added over time. You don't have to wait. You can read the Time line of the Middle East here. and listen about the AIPAC scandal on this radio interview from Feb 10th 2006