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Another 9/11 Anniversary is Just around the Corner

Vincent L. Guarisco

July 23, 2006

"To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the

Once again, that time-clock of terrifying consternation is poised to chime
yet again as we approach the 5th anniversary of the September 11, 2001
attacks. Be as it may, if Americans paid even a little attention all these
years, surely by now they have a clue as to what really happened.

Even a cursory search of the Internet yields many surprising discrepancies
that totally destroy the official fairytale that has been literally shoved
down our throats for years. But this knowledge could only be achieved if we
are wise enough to disregard, or avoid, the twisted lies of the mainstream
new media. If so, then it comes as no surprise. We already know it was an
inside job.

Regardless of what we think we know in terms of justice, the killers believe
they have pulled off the crime of the Century and will continue to
politically exploit everyone and everything to pedal their propaganda and
agenda. As history has shown, more times than not the guilty ones with cruel
ideologies walk free. In this case, they arrogantly had the brass balls to
smirkingly pin medals on themselves and give the accomplices promotions into
high-level positions. And all they had to do was follow without question the
blueprint of the neo-con New World Order. One thing for sure, thus far -- NO
person has been held accountable for his or her actions. It blows my mind
that so many people still consider these traitors as "heros." Wow!
Controlling one's gag reflex is all but impossible....

While I'm on the subject of "up-chucking," do you remember when Bush
hammered the iron bell at his 2001 State of the Union Address and slyly
labeled other nations (especially those with oil) as an"Axis of Evil?" In my
view, that was the moment that many of us foolishly fell for this
administration's war trickery and became an "Axis of Assess" in this deadly
war-for-profit game. Do any of us still think the battle isn't being fought
here at home? Do we really think there isn't a special deck of War Cards,
just for us here at home?

I hope you aren't expecting a mushy 9/11 birthday cake with five bloody
candles on it. If so, the best you'll get out of me is a silent prayer for
those who died...followed by extreme rage for those who killed them. And
it's not just the madmen in the administration who are to blame -- their
corporate media toadies are just as guilty for rushing American citizens off
to their death. Most writers will willingly follow tightly scripted
journalistic guidelines because their paychecks depend on it.

Many are well known for twisting the truth within their nominal, polite
linguistic perimeters, and are fork-tongued experts when it comes to damage
control with their fast-footed word jargon on just about everything they say
or write. Let's get real -- almost without exception, the US media are
pimped-out whores on a mind-bending mission to keep us confused, scared and
compliant. And, after performing their daily lip-service, they pack up their
kneepads and quickly scurry off -- paychecks in hand -- already planning
their next behavior-modification head-job. It's a rare occurrence when a bit
of truth escapes their lips.

I say to hell with that crap. Considering everything that has happened, we
have serious problems. We have decisions to make, and we'd better do it
fast. I'm not simply preaching to the choir, I've already seen enough of
that circulating around to know it doesn't accomplish much of anything. All
of us must get involved in saving our republic. We must be assertive and
actively protest in every way humanly possible. Time is running out.

Yes sir, it all went down like clockwork when Poppy and sons, Cheney and the
Project for a New American Century boys fulfilled their wicked dream of yet
another Pearl Harbor in order to fraudulently rock our peace-loving world
for their wicked power-grab. Believe it or not, 9/11 is just a small cog in
a larger gear that runs their great corporate quest for complete
imperialistic control over the world's natural resources, including a cheap
labor force absent of any unions, oversight and environmental restrictions,
to exploit.

Oh my, the stacks of money must be taller than Mount Everest by now. All
made possible by attacking our own country, blaming someone else for it, and
then giving the bill to the US tax-payers. Hundreds of billions wasted to
finance two false wars with more on the horizon. Hell, with a "privatized"
Military Industrial Complex, they are more than happy to accommodate a good
profitable conflict, or two, or three, or four...

What a waste All that hard earned money falling into the Pentagon's
bottomless pit. You know, that deep, dark hole where funds disappear forever
and the accounting books never balance out. Well, that's not the only thing
getting "swallowed up." Just like our national treasury, the US Constitution
and Democracy -- the hourglass of freedom -- is almost empty too. Think
about it.

The pendulum swings for the 5th consecutive year that each of us has had to
endure ongoing hardships. This nightmare must end. We cannot continue to be
bombarded with stolen elections, soaring cost-of-living hikes, massive
poverty increases, a diminishing middle class, hoards of homeless people
living in the streets, unbelievable amounts of hunger and starvation,
astronomical national debt, a trade debt getting as f**king high as the
space station, endless wars (with many more on the chalkboard), secret gulag
torture chambers strategically placed abroad, marathon amounts of
displacement, destruction and death for mass populations at home and
overseas, and of course -- our continuing wholesale servitude to our Masters
of the Universe whom without our hard labor, funds and sacrifice they may
never have been able to enjoy their royal life of rich pleasure. It's a hard
job, but someone's gotta move the battle lines from side to side on the
geopolitical map, inside the corporate board rooms. Are we enjoying this
yet? Sometimes I wonder...

And the beat goes on. Bush has unraveled our country to a third-world
standard, and the Albatross of blame hangs around the people's neck for what
he has done in our name. The international community rightfully holds us
accountable for allowing these warmongers to steal our elections and launch
the 9/11 attacks and then take control of the most powerful helm on the
planet to red-bait and attack innocent nations with impunity using the
largest arsenal known to mankind. We deserve our dishonored place in the
world arena for allowing this carnage to continue unchecked
. Perhaps it's
better that most of us don't speak a second or third language, we may not
like what they have to say about us as a "civilized" nation.

It's sad, but life in this "Land of Opportunity" is gonna get very rough
indeed. Our country is nearly bankrupt. Regardless of what the lying
corporate economists say, the USA is almost broke. In fact, it might behoove
us to contact older family members or friends for a few pointers on scratch
survival. Preferably those who lived through the 1930's. Because we're gonna
need it. Get real, this is exactly where we're headed, straight down poverty
lane into another great depression. As Federal programs diminish and social
funding comes to a screeching halt, there will be no handouts or assistance
to ease our suffering; our hunger. And for those of us who think we are
sitting on a safety cushion because we have lots of toys and stuff to sell?
Forget about it, we can't sell anything when others have no money to
purchase it.

And for those of us who own our homes outright, well -- we still gotta pay
those taxes, don't we? Indeed. Just because Uncle Sam's pants pockets are
hanging out to dry doesn't mean we get a free ride. Remember that old 60's
saying -- Ass or grass, no one rides for free? Yeah, it kind of takes on new
meaning when we're the ones thumbing at the bottom of the food chain. For
those who refuse to wake up and see what is happening around them, we'll
likely have time to continue this discussion at a later date, perhaps on
Pennsylvania Avenue huddled around a trash can in front of the White House
-- just for shit and giggles. Hey we may even get a wave from George. Can
you feel the love? Wake up before it's too late.

As I keep repeating, back-to-back stolen elections and the 9\11 attacks have
been the catalyst of where we are today. I shake my head in disgust when I
hear Congress is debating our right to desecrate the American Flag as a
public display of protest and dissent. In reality, the flag should remain at
half mast, because we are dying as a nation. But that's not how it works.
It's now socially and legally acceptable for policymakers and legislators to
limit our hard-earned ability to practice our rights while they
hypocritically and disgracefully trash Old Glory down into the mud with
their hideous words and actions.

Yeah sure, that's a real morale booster. That's the quickest way to get us
to snap to attention and sing "America the Beautiful" while watching CNN
coverage of bombs bursting in air on civilian targets. In fact, let me crash
this keyboard shut, grab my car keys, and rush my children straight down to
the military recruiter's office to sign them up pronto Heck, they may even
return home alive. And we can feel good all over again about adding their
names to a very long list of untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
patients enjoying a quality life reliving the memories of Uncle Sam's war
for profit.

For me, this whole nightmare is quite graphic and real. Some nights I wake
up in a cold sweat, horrified by the sounds of gargled screams drawing their
last blood-filled breath as razor sharp rubble tears flesh from limb to limb
as I imagine what happened inside the twin towers. Or sometimes I hear the
rapid, desperate pounding of footsteps, radio chatter and frantic chaos of
brave fireman running up the seemingly endless stairwells attempting to save
innocent lives; only to be greeted with screeching, disintegrating debris of
twisting molten metal falling back at them. Or, I think about what it must
have been like for those poor unfortunate souls who weren't lucky enough to
die instantly. The ones trapped for hours or even days whose lonely cries
for help slowly diminished into a whispered death-sentence and then forced
to rot beneath the tons of rubble. As an American, do you ever have this
experience? As an American -- why not?

For me, the 5th anniversary of 9/11 is just like the four previous ones -- a
shrill, never-ending scream of what should never have been allowed to
happen. We should have stopped it, but we just stood there, transfixed by
terror. Because of our inaction, we will never be the same. The horror of
9/11 will forever remain embedded in all of us as an evil lesson of what can
happen -- what will surely happen -- to a nation's people when they lose
control of their leaders' actions.

Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a
contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of
the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Replies welcomed at:

2006 Vincent L Guarisco