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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Somebody, somewhere, deserves the highest award given for brilliant planning
and manipulation. The award should be given to whomever planned the events
of 9-11 and then so brilliantly manipulated Americans into believing that
nineteen "Arab terrorists" pulled the whole thing off. This notion of
nineteen "Arab terrorists" is absurd, of course, to anyone with any critical
thinking skills. Unfortunately, and apparently, that doesn't apply to very
many Americans. Most of these same Americans also happen to be religious.
It's not a coincidence.

Those who adhere to religious doctrine agree to a mandatory forfeiture of
all critical thinking skills the moment they climb aboard the Holy Wagon.
It's not an option with religion, because you cannot accept religion as
truth and still retain the courage to question it. If you disagree with
that, you're a perfect example.

How does religion have anything to do with 9-11? Religion itself isn't the
point - it's the mindset of religious people, who have allowed themselves to
believe a doctrine which their subconscious mind tells them is ludicrous.
The official version of 9-11 says that nineteen "Arab terrorists" planned,
financed, and executed the most improbable event in American history, all by
themselves. This is beyond ludicrous. Who are perhaps the most ardent
believers in Bush's official story of 9-11? Religious people, because they
have been conditioned to believe the impossible, so long as an authority
figure tells them it's true, which John Kaminski mentions in this article.

Nobody with critical thinking skills can possibly believe the official story
of 9-11, especially with the mountain of contradictory evidence readily
available to everyone. The same is true of religion. That's the whole
problem with so many Americans. They have been raised to believe whatever
comes out of the mouth of the guy up front in the church. He wears a fancy
robe, sometimes with a pretty sash or a big hat, and he is obviously in
charge of the church - from childhood, they are conditioned to tremble at
his voice. In such an environment, it doesn't take long to eventually erase
any inclination to question the authority figure. Toss in a few even bigger
authority figures, such as a Jesus, a God, and some disciples, and how dare
you question authority?

It's actually quite brilliant, to be honest about it. My own opinion is that
the Roman leader Constantine recognized the enormous potential for crowd
control which is inherent in religion, and he utilized it to perfection.
When he proclaimed Christianity to be the official religion of Rome , he
effectively sentenced the minds of his people to death. This is no trivial
matter, at a time when Rome was the most dominant nation in the known world.
Most of the population was uneducated beyond knowing not to defy the
emporer. How many generations would it take before everyone was gone from
the pre-Constantine "Christianity" days? Not very many, and then you'd be
left with fresh generations to program from birth. It's brilliant, and it

The problem is not religion as a whole. The problem, again, is the
conditioning program that is religion. With religion, minds are closed to a
genuine search for truth. Minds are caged like simple animals, to be fed by
their handlers. Having the courage to question religion means eternity in
some burning dungeon of torture and punishment. Being raised from childhood
with this mentality being forced upon them, religious people simply no
longer have the ability to question. It almost warrants pity, if the
consequences weren't so devastating in today's world.

Flashback to 9-11: four passenger planes are hijacked simultaneously, with
no response from an air defense system that is known for its jumpy
preparedness. In the past, a single hijacking anywhere in America would have
resulted instantly in at least some semblence of response. On this day,
however, four airplanes are hijacked and left to do as they please,
untouched and unchallenged. Three of these planes are allowed to proceed
through the most heavily-guarded airspace in the world. Two of them are left
free to continue their course into the World Trade Center towers, being
flown with a skill far above even the most experienced fighter pilots. The
towers subsequently crumble exactly as a building does in a controlled
demolition, even when burning jet fuel gets nowhere near hot enough to melt
the steel of the towers. A third hijacked airplane supposedly crashes into
the Pentagon, but leaves no sign of something as large as a passenger jet
having done the damage.

Does any of this raise even a single question? Apparently not, as most
Americans simply believe that nineteen "Arab terrorists" did it. No
questions, no investigation, no doubts. It's just so much easier to blame
people who we don't understand at all. Different religion, different
culture, different everything, and they live on the other side of the world,
so we don't even have to blame them to their faces. Besides, our president
said they did it, so there you go.

America 's response? Go to Afghanistan , bomb it into submission, and install
a powerless puppet regime. The poppy fields, which the Taliban had all but
eradicated, are replanted with vigour and encouragement, ensuring a healthy
supply of heroin on the market. Next, go to Iraq, completely destroy its
infrastructure, drop uranium bombs everywhere so future generations can die,
too, kill multitudes of young Americans, maim the rest, teach them how to
torture prisoners and enjoy it, and take control of Iraq's oil as we sit by
and watch looters pillage and destroy irreplaceable ancient historical
artifacts. But that oil supply is safe.

Bush blamed, ummm....well, he blamed somebody, generally categorized as "the
terrorists". Since then, Americans have given it no more thought. Bush said
"the terrorists" did it, so that's all there is to it. If you disagree, you
are accused of aiding "the terrorists" (a concept that defies all logic).
Americans are more than happy to say they support the troops, but they don't
even understand why the troops are in Iraq . Neither do the troops. The
accepted slogan is "to defend our freedom". Defend our freedom from whom?
Iraqis? Defend our freedom from the Iraqi military that had no weapons of
mass destruction? Defend our freedom from the Iraqis in general, who had
been starved for a decade with sanctions? Protecting our freedom from whom?
People who don't even understand the who/what/why of 9-11 are suddenly
afraid for their precious freedoms. That's insane, but insanely typical. And
they protest the war in Iraq , but they don't protest the whitewashing of
9-11 by this administration. Screw the war in Iraq - your country was
attacked in cold blood, and somebody very nearby had a hand in it.

When a vast majority of a population has already been dutifully programmed
by religion, and thereby stripped of its ability to question and use
critical thought, an event such as 9-11 is a godsend (no pun intended) to
any powerful group that would use such an event to further its agenda. Who
profits from the war in Afghanistan ? Who profits from the war in Iraq ? Who
profits more than Israel if we topple Iraq , Afghanistan , Iran , Syria , etc?
And the question that preceeds them all: who profits from 9-11 itself? These
are questions that demand answers and accountability, but they are questions
not being asked.

Religion set the stage for using 9-11 to further an agenda, and whomever
organized 9-11 recognized that fact. Brilliant in its depravity, this group
of planners realized how easy it is to manipulate religious people who
already willingly adhere to irrational and disproven dogma. The brilliance
was in using their own religious trinkets and icons in the charade. There
should be an award given to whoever concocted the idea of wrapping Bush
around a Bible to further the agenda.

Is religion to blame for 9-11? Absolutely not. Are the people who refuse to
question 9-11 to blame for it? Absolutely, because people who refuse to
question something, regardless of its glaring irrationality, encourage it to

Steven A. Hass
Jesse - Editor,