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    Thank you for telling the world that these people in the Administration are liars. That is needed. However, TO and Mr. Pitt can write material like the subject article until hell freezes and it will not stop the lying war criminals in the White House and Project for a New American Century [PNAC] from continuing to implement their ruthless Sept 2000 PNAC plan ....their lies have now killed 500,000 to 1,000,000 innocent Iraqis.

    Please answer this critical question: Do you think these known liars are lying about the basis of the Iraq war, but telling the truth about the basis of the larger WarOnTerror? If your answer is yes please explain why. Why would you continue to believe known liars on their highly suspicious stories about9-11-01?

    Aren't these the same ones who told We the American People that 19 men, directed by BinLaden from a cave, defeated the US Air Force, FAA, Air National Guard, FBI and CIA? That the Pentagon, the most-guarded airspace on the planet, with its own missle defense system, was easily penetrated by a commercial airliner? That three steel-framed towers [WTC1,2,7] collapsed at free-fall speed due to jet fuel fires, when no steel-framed buildings in the history of steel-framed buildings have ever collapsed before or since 9-11-01, due to fires? When WTC 1,2 were designed specifically to withstand a direct hit by a large jet plane [707 approx. same spec.s as 757]? These stories, like the remaining other "official" stories of9-11-01, are highly suspicious at best. Yet these stories, told by proven liars, continues to be the unchallenged basis for the "waronterror". What is up with that?

    If we don't stand up against the killing it will continue and grow. The same liars are now lying about Iran's nuclear capacity so they can start bombing innocent Iranian boys, girls, women and men, this time killing millions because they want to drop nuclear bombs this time. 

    Please listen if you have ears. Why aren't innocent Iraqi lives important to us? 3,000 innocent people on9-11-01 were important, over 4,000 US soldiers lives killed in Iraq are important, but the lives of our neighbors in Iraq do not matter? If they matter then we must stand up and stop the killing.

    What to do? We must challenge the basis of all this killing: the basis for the unending war on terror. A radical war plan was made in 2000 by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Kristol, and others @ Project for a New American Century [PNAC] . PNAC continues to meet all of their goals [SE Asia, Iraq, Iran] because their foundation continues to be untouched: i.e. the event they called-for, that they said was critical to their success, the "New Pearl Harbor" [see p. 51 of PNAC plan], which is 9-11-01. The first "investigation" ofSeptember 11, 2001 was a whitewash. We were lied to once again. We the People deserve a true investigation  of9-11-01 in order to stop the killing. Unless we demand that investigation PNAC will continue to get away with murder.

    Cheney and the many PNAC minions have stated numerous times that another terrorattack is coming to US soil. If this new attack is allowed to occur, like9-11-01, it will be another false-flag operation, carried-out by Mossad with some US foreknowledge and blamed this time on Iran. Then the US will bomb and kill millions of innocent Iranians. The people and motives behind the killing are powerful: war profits, empire, oil, corporate-rule, near-absolute power at home [tyranny], and Israeli security.

    We have all been badly mislead by the media monopoly on critical issues such as9-11-01. We no longer have free press, no "fourth estate" our founders saw as critical to survival of our Republic, no informed citizenry. Since 1978, 50 major media companies have been consolidated into 10 media companies: a monopoly. Our beloved Republic is in peril.

    We can stop the killing if we expose9-11-01 for what it is, a false flag operation. Please consider joining the paramount struggle to expose 911Truth. Other links are Architects&Engineers for and

    Rich McCampbell