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The Story of WTC 7-by Ma. 9-11 Truth Group
Many thanks to everyone who wrote to me about the recently discovered BBC
footage (details below).  What follows is my effort to respond to the many
questions people have been asking about this footage and related "Building
7" questions.

                            THE STORY OF BUILDING SEVEN

Recently, archived BBC news footage was discovered that demonstrated someone
clearly had advance knowledge that WTC Building 7 (also known as the Salomon
Brothers Building) was going to collapse well before it did. In this footage
a BBC newscaster is shown reporting the collapse of Building 7 while the
feed on the screen behind her clearly shows that this has not yet occurred!
You can watch this remarkable event at this link:


Are you wondering if the news clip above really did occur well before the
of Building 7?
Note the time stamp on this BBC clip to clarify that matter:


Not sure if Building 7 is what they are talking about on the BBC?
The links below verify that Salomon Brothers Building = WTC Building 7: at the very bottom of the

And here:  Look for this text "A
program at the 12:30 p.m. luncheon (to be held at Salomon Brothers, 7 World
Financial Center) will include remarks by Louis-Michel Morris, Conseiller
Commercial, French Consulate; and a keynote address by Marie-Monique
Steckel, president, France Telecom North America." (Apr. 23, 1998)"

And here: Look for
this text "Citigroup, whose subsidiary Salomon Brothers had an office and a
diesel tank at WTC7, is also still on the hook."
How has the BBC responded to inquiries about this story?

Here is an audio of a caller asking the BBC for clarification:

And here is the official BBC response:
which is then followed by viewer commentary


Are you uncertain why this is a BIG DEAL?!

It's a big deal because never before 9/11/01 nor since 9/11/01 has a steel
framed building collapsed simply due to fire. No one on the seen that day
had any reason to expect Building 7 to collapse, especially since the very
few fires left smoldering in the building at 5 PM gave no indication of
spreading wildly out of control.  Furthermore, the claim that the perfectly
symmetrical collapse of building was the result of a fire requires the fire
to have been  equally distributed throughout the entire floor of the
building, providing equal heat for an equal amount of time, so that all the
load bearing members would fail at the exact same moment. So here we have
a totally unlikely "prediction" stated as an accomplished fact followed by
a remarkably improbable and perfectly symmetrical collapse!

Do you find this story plausible?

If you do, here is some information to clarify why no one could have
predicted the collapse of Building 7:

And now, let's watch the event up close, and compare the collapse of
building 7 to some other building collapses as we think together
about this:

and here are a couple more quick comparisons of Building 7's collapse
with controlled building demolition collapses.  (1 minute video)
If the official story is starting to seem questionable to you, that's great!
Here are more resources to support your questioning perspective: (20 second slow motion video)
Note the penthouse collapse first in the upper left roof area.  Why
is this happening? (3+ minute overview) More
Building 7 collapse footage with commentary and relevant questions. (written article) Learn how Building 7
was designed to be collapse proof. How could a building designed and
built with so much structural redundancy collapse symmetrically at
free-fall speed?
(15 minute video) You only need to let this video start, then fast forward
9:47 exactly, and pause it right there at 9:47. There you will see 7 core
columns cut perfectly in a "V". Please take a look at this and wonder if
rampant fire or exploding basement fuel tanks could have done such
remarkably precise work. (4 minute video) More on the
Incredibly Strange Collapse of Building 7 And here is a resource for further responsible
exploration of the questions surrounding Building 7's destruction
Even if you are not yet convinced that Building 7 was brought to the ground
by controlled demolition, how about if we just try it on as a theory.  Let's
consider how and why the events of 9/11/01 could have been staged and then
sold to us as the sole work of external enemies who caught our government
and our defenses completely unaware and off guard.  OK?  If you are not with
me yet, remember, I am just asking you to experiment with imagining 9/11/01
from this other point of view.

We'll start with the Big Picture! This is my all time favorite 911 Truth
It tells the whole story in 3+ minutes and uses evocative music to open the
heart of the viewer.  Note clip of building 7 about half way through.

Now here is the even larger context in which to think about the events of
9/11/01.  It an invitation to recognize we are living in "The Matrix" so we
can start planning our escape!
(By the way, if you have never seen the movie trilogy "The Matrix" I HIGHLY
recommend it.)

Want to see some real live agents of the Matrix in action?  Gotta wonder who
this man on street works for! (This one is
known as the "911 solution" video. It keeps getting pulled off the WEB.  Let
me know if you can not access it, please)

Scary huh!?  Freaked me out anyway.  So lets step back, with the two brief
flash videos that follow below, catch our breath and remember to keep the
REALLY Big Picture in mind for a moment:

Here is what we are working for:

And here is some help for keeping things in perspective: !

And then we can dive back in for more with the PS below if the Spirit

OK that's it for now.  This is a work in progress. I will revise and resend
with updates eventually.  In the meantime below are reading and research
resources that could keep you up all night.  Thanks for listening, caring
and taking action to bring the world we dream of into view. -Christopher


Resources for liberation from "The Matrix"

Everything you ever wanted to know about 9/11/01 and then some - from our
friends in the California branch of the 911 Truth Movement: