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Why Democrats took impeachment from the table to the closet


Despite overwhelming support from the American people to impeach Dick Cheney, Democrats keep stalling.

On November 6, a bizarre struggle took place over the resolution to impeach Cheney, where Republicans first voted to table it but then turned around and voted to get it to debate in order to "embarass Democrats."

The resolution ended up buried in a judiciary committee, but what on earth happened? Why would Democrats want to avoid debating the resolution?

In the video above, David Swanson argues that 'the Democratic leadership knows that if the conversation starts, the case against [Cheney] is so solid that they will have to impeach him."

But, isn't that the whole point?

Obviously not.

Democrats don't want to impeach Cheney any more than Republicans do.

This whole thing is just another 'made for tv' political drama, meant to give the appearance of accountability when no such thing exists.

Swanson offers two suggestions for why Democrats keep stalling: (1) Democrats are afraid that they will be embarrassed because they too voted for the war; but more importantly (2) Democrats want to 'play it safe' by keeping the occupation of Iraq going and keeping Bush and Cheney in office so that they 'can run against those three things in 2008' (since that 'worked so well in 2006').

I propose a third, far more likely reason why the Democratic shmucks in congress won't impeach Bush and Cheney.

Nancy Pelosi, an ardent zionist, was told that Cheney must remain exactly where he is because Bush simply can't launch another war before he leaves office without him - he's too f*cking stupid.

Conyers and the rest of them "won't cross Pelosi," not because they're afraid of her sorry ass, but because they're afraid of AIPAC, which will come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who dares impede their insane plans to launch a war against Iran.


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