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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Twelve People Could Hack National Election


Part 1: GoTV's Hack the Vote

Part 2: Hack the Vote

Part 3: GoTV's Hack the Vote

Part 4: GoTV's Hack the Vote


Millions of voters will be casting their ballots electronically this election. But theyíll be

using a technology that is far from proven and is vulnerable to compromise. Hack The

Vote is an in-depth look at the still-unsolved problems with electronic voting, and GoTVís

investigative team has spoken to the experts with in-depth knowledge of those issues. We have

the first on-camera interview with a former employee of Diebold, one of the companies that

make these machines. This whistleblower talks about company practices that compromised

the security of these machines and the votes for which they were used; the mechanical issues

that make these machines unreliable, and how easy it is to steal an election. We have video

of a Princeton University project during which a Diebold machine is hacked and a vote-swapping

virus is installed. And we interview an expert, who shows us one of these e-voting machines and

demonstrates how easy it is to compromise. Donít cast a ballot this year until you watch GoTVís

special investigative report Hack The Vote. Itís on your cell phone now.